If the last year has taught us anything it is that life is for living. With this in mind, as the popularity of smart home devices continues to soar throughout London and right across Britain, the desire to make life easier and simpler is irrefutable. From smart thermostats to smart lighting systems, increasing numbers of South East residences are reaping the benefits of modern keyless entrance doors. Consequently, we are often asked, ‘are smart door locks worth it?’, ‘what are the benefits of keyless entry?’ and ‘which keyless entry is best?’… So, here are the top reasons to choose modern keyless entry doors from Nüevo Home.

  1. Superior burglar resistance

schuco entrance door

No matter where you live, it’s a sad fact of life that burglaries take place every 106 seconds, which works out as 34 break-ins per hour or 816 burglaries per day! What is even more shocking, around 70% of intruders gain access through the front door, with around 20% gaining entry where doors have been left unlocked. Modern keyless entry doors offer the highest levels of security, infusing the latest technology, refined design, and unrivalled strength that’s expected of luxury residences.

Built to last, our advanced keyless entrance doors can incorporate one or several of the following security features:

  • Various access controls, including smartphone, numerical code, Bluetooth fingerprint, or card reader access
  • Integrated electronic and acoustic anti-theft protection
  • Encrypted internal control unit that protects against theft and manipulation, whilst providing optimum protection for the home’s internal network
  • Intercom system, video, and alarm system integration
  • LED lighting and motion detector options
  • Ultra-secure concealed hinge possibilities
  • Panic lock possibilities.
  1. Exclusive communication & access control

schuco black entrance door

Modern keyless entry doors make forgotten or lost keys a thing of the past. Users can conveniently open the door with a simple swipe of a smartphone, entering a code, inserting a card, or even using their fingerprint. Effective door communication is achieved through cutting-edge touch display, camera, microphone, and loudspeaker integration. So, no matter where you are in the world, you can keep an eye on know who is at the door and provide or block access accordingly.

Delivering a wide variety of communication and access controls in just one unit, this includes:

  • User-friendly DCS touch display
  • Audio/video communication
  • High-quality loudspeakers and microphones
  • Automatic background noise suppression and volume control
  • Intuitive illuminated house number/LED spotlight
  • Call button for one party or several parties
  • The option to manually manage from a home computer, tablet or smartphone
  • IP and telephone system compatibility
  • Energy-saving intelligence via the sensitive motion detector; can differentiate between humans and animals, preventing unnecessary triggers and saving energy.

Keyless entry doors make life that much easier for disabled residents, as well as those with health conditions whose movement and strength is impaired, e.g. arthritis or multiple sclerosis sufferers. Furthermore, keyless doors keep children safe and warm, as they’ll never be stranded on the doorstep waiting to be let in.

  1. Design freedom

schuco entrance door

Adapted to your home and tailored entirely to your requirements, it’s essential that your new keyless front door complements your home’s unique stylings. Technically and visually perfect, our sensational Schüco entrance doors are much more than an entrance – they’re a way of life.

Eye-catching design features include:

  • 100+ RAL colours and anodized powder coatings available, as well as dual-colour possibilities & matching handles, hardware & hinges
  • The only door management system on the market that allows all of the desired functions to be flush-fitted into the door profile
  • Elegant black glass surfaces
  • Surface-mounted or panel installation possibilities
  • “iF product design award” winners
  • “red dot design award” winners
  • “Design Plus powered by Light + Building” prize winners.
  1. Reduced insurance premiums

Offering a variety of benefits to conscientious homeowners, in some instances, lowering the risk by integrating smart home technology can work towards reducing insurance premiums too. This will depend on who your insurer is, however, modern keyless entry is currently an emerging technology that more insurers are sure to consider in the not-so-distant future.

Schüco DCS |An outstanding entrance area for your home

Nüevo Home keyless entry doors seamlessly unite comfort, security and style

From amplifying home security and eliminating the daily struggle of simply opening doors that many of us take for granted, right through to bringing properties into the 21st Century, everything is possible with a Nüevo Home installation. Allow us to bring your distinct vision to life by contacting us today.