Glide into your Berkshire, London or Surrey home

Add a sense of style to the way you enter your home. Combining purist aesthetics with the latest Bluetooth technology, Schüco BlueCon allows you to open your door without touching it. Fully automated, the sensor will detect the phone in your pocket from up to 4 metres away, and then trigger the electric sliding unit in the door to swing open smoothly.

Take the next step in futuristic entrance door technology. Not only does Schüco BlueCon allow you to seamlessly enter your home when your hands are full; it also provides high-tech security reinforcements. Using the state-of-the-art Schüco app, you can set and log which devices have access authorisation. That way, you can know exactly who’s entered your home and at what time of day. With an incredibly slick and sophisticated design, BlueCon can be retrofitted onto any existing Schüco ADS system without impairing your beautiful door design. For new levels of modern allure, as well as peace of mind, the Schüco BlueCon is an exemplary, luxury addition to any discerning South East property.

Schuco BlueCon

Schüco BlueCon Features

  • Bluetooth controlled opening mechanism
  • Total access authorisation
  • Unlimited number of authorisers
  • Purist aesthetics
  • Concealed installation
  • Maximum convenience
  • Double AES 256 bit encryption
  • No added cabling or power pack
  • Retrofitting capabilities

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10 year guarantee

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Seamless Bluetooth control

Add a level of prestige to your driveway. The Schüco BlueCon’s sensor will detect your phone as you approach the door, and open the electric sliding unit for you. You have total control over which mobile devices are authorised to open the door. Using the app, you can add an unlimited amount of authorisers to your BlueCon account. Your entrance door could be gliding gracefully open for your entire family.

You can also use the app to decide whether you want the door to open automatically or manually. Using the latest, smart technology, the door will know not to open when it detects your presence inside the house. And with one, completely functional module with no cabling or power pack, entering your home has never been so effortless.

schuco front door
schuco door

Schüco BlueCon security features

The Schüco app controlling the door is as secure as online banking. It’s locked down with double AES 256 bit encryption that meets the highest security standards. Thanks to Schüco’s cable kit, the BlueCon can also be simply and ingeniously connected to electronic locks via a plug-and-play system.

BlueCon knows exactly who belongs in your home and who doesn’t. With majestic, cutting-edge technology and flawless operational qualities, the Schüco BlueCon invites you to take a step into a chic and smart future.