Luxury sliding patio door security is something we’re often asked about, and for good reason. After all, upon first glance, the sliding door’s typical high glass to frame ratio often puts homeowners on edge.

Patio door manufacturing issues of the past, such as being lifted off their tracks with minimal effort, have also played their part in making homeowners uneasy about the security risks that sliding patio doors may pose. Fortunately, thanks to considerable advancements in patio door security over the last decade, this is certainly not the case today. Below, we’ll be expanding on the various security locks for sliding patio doors and demonstrating just how secure contemporary sliding patio doors truly are.

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What type of patio door is most secure?

Aluminium sliding doors are the most secure style of patio door. One-third the weight of steel, aluminium is just as strong, and in some cases even stronger, than steel. Incredibly robust yet much easier to shape than steel, aluminium’s lightweight and corrosion resistant properties make it an ideal construction material in both commercial and residential settings. Savvy homeowners choose aluminium frames over timber and uPVC sliding patio doors for the simple fact that these two lesser door materials can be damaged under excessive force.

Furthermore, modern patio doors will have at least 3 locking points. However, premium aluminium sliding patio doors tend to have more. The combination of sophisticated interlocking doors and structurally bonded, reinforced double or triple glazing is what makes aluminium sliding doors stand out from the rest.

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Evoslide vs Evoglide vs Evoslide47 – What’s the difference when it comes to sliding door security?

All our luxury sliding doors are equipped with high-quality security hardware to keep your home and your family safe.

Evoglide patio door security features

  • Secure five-point integrated locking system
  • Slim 25mm interlock
  • Seamless structurally bonded double glazing
  • Triple glazing, toughened & specialist glazing options
  • Motorised version completely conceals the sash within the frame when closed

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Evoslide patio door security features

  • Secure five-point integrated locking system
  • Ultraslim 20mm interlock
  • Seamless structurally bonded double glazing

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Evoslide47 patio door security features

  • Tested to PAS 24 security standards
  • Secure five-point integrated locking system
  • Classic 47mm interlock
  • Internally beaded double glazing

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What is a structurally bonded door?

Typically used for frameless sliding glass doors, structural bonding chemically adheres the glass to the outer frame, effectively protecting it from removable or dismantling. From a security perspective, this prevents any potential intruders from removing the glass and gaining entry to the home. Aesthetically speaking, memoving the need for beading also allows for slimmer sightlines.

What is a door interlock?

Interlocking aluminium sliding doors are incredibly secure, essentially automatically locking the door on both sides, meaning that one cannot open until the other has closed. The contraption works similarly to an airlock, helping to prevent any intruders from gaining access to the property from outside.

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How can I make my patio door more secure?

Further measures you can take to enhance your sliding door security:

Covering the doors

Simply drawing curtains across the doors at night can prevent anyone from seeing into your home and perusing any valuables you may have on display. This is a very simple and potentially stylish deterrent.

Security bars

For further peace of mind, you can lie a security bar along the tracks of the patio door. This will prevent the doors from sliding open. Therefore, you can leave them in place at night time or whenever you leave the house unoccupied.

Install glass break detectors

These are very accessible alarm systems that you can find at most local hardware stores. If someone were to break and enter via smashing one of the patio door’s glass panes, this alarm would sound, alerting you to the intruders presence and probably causing the culprit to flee before they can cause any harm.

All the glass used in our sliding door products is immensely sturdy and resistant to breakages. However, such an alarm system could certainly further ease your sense of comfort and security.

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Secure glass sliding doors for Berkshire, Surrey and South East homeowners

Indulging a diverse range of sumptuous properties and lavish lifestyles, our attractive aluminium sliding patio doors are designed with the utmost security and style in mind. Contact us today and find out why discerning South East residences are turning to prestigious NÜEVO HOME sliding patio door installations to thoroughly secure their homes for the foreseeable future.

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