Thanks to impressive panel widths and ultra-slim sightlines, modern aluminium bifold doors have become synonymous with luxurious open plan living throughout Britain. However, occasionally curious customers enquire whether bifold doors will make a room cold. This is due to the immense expanses of glass these state-of-the-art entrance solutions can achieve,

In this blog, we’ll clear up the question once and for all. Allow us to break down how low-quality bifolds can underdeliver, and how our luxury bifold doors eliminate those insulation problems. We’ll be covering:

  • Are aluminium bifold doors bad for insulation?
  • What does ‘thermally broken aluminium’ mean?
  • What are U-values and why are they important?

schuco aluminium bifold door

Is aluminium a bad insulator?

Aluminium door frames are excellent insulators.

Until thermally broken aluminium frames arrived on the scene, aluminium was considered a poor insulator. As a metal, it’s a natural conductor of heat. As such, it had a reputation for getting too hot during the Summer months, and allowing heat to escape in the Winter.

Its reputation has falsely led people to believe that they make a room cold. The truth, however, is that aluminium insulation has never been better. This is all thanks to state-of-the-art polyamide thermal breaking technology. But what does this involve?

What is a polyamide thermal break?

A thermal break happens by positioning low thermal conductive polyamide plates inside the aluminium frame. This creates a ‘break’ between the inner and outer frames. This drastically minimises heat loss. Needless to say, this has worked wonders for the luxury residential home improvement industry and inspired low-energy building projects.

Applying this technology, NÜEVO HOME luxury bifold doors remain efficient no matter what. Our thermally advanced aluminium frames can make the most complex bespoke bifold door designs a reality, without ever compromising on interior warmth or comfort.  Outward or inward opening; bi-parting; 90º corner opening; we have custom made bifold doors for any home.

Why is thermally broken aluminium important?

There are numerous advantages to thermally broken aluminium bifold doors. Not only do they noticeably reduce household energy bills and keep your home insulated all year round, but they also:

  • Provide exceptional sound insulation
  • Offer a huge increase of natural light in your home
  • Provide your home with a heightened sense of style, thanks to incredibly slim frames in a range of slick colours

Our modern bifold doors offer all this, while ensuring that your house doesn’t get cold as a result!

schuco aluminium bifold door

What is a U-value?

U-values are a way of measuring thermal insulation performance. They measure the rate of thermal transmission through a material. The lower the U-value, the less heat can pass through, and the better it will perform as an insulator.

What is a good U-value for bifold doors?

After updates to the building regulations, the UK government now requires new doors to achieve U-values of 1.4 W/m²K, down from 1.8 W/m²K.

For complete peace of mind, each bi-folding door product we offer exceeds British energy efficiency requirements, whilst offering superior air, wind, and water resistance too. Our luxury collection of bifold doors can achieve impressive U-values of:

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Luxury bifold doors across Berkshire and Surrey

From large grey bifold doors to personalise a new garden room extension. Timber-look bifold door designs for a classic twist. Classic white bifold doors tailored to smaller improvement projects. Whatever it is, NÜEVO HOME make everything possible. For a better view of life, contact us today.

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