Elegance is defined as ‘graceful and stylish in appearance or manner’ and ‘pleasingly ingenious and simple’. With this in mind, we’ve come up with 4 elegant ways to create a luxury look in your home.

alternative lighting solutions

  • Elegant home lighting tailored to stylish Weybridge & Surrey homes

When it comes to creating an elegant atmosphere at home, your lighting plays a key role here. No matter how stunning your furniture or decoration is, if your lighting is wrong the impact will be felt immediately. Avoid dull, bland, and gloomy interiors by striking the perfect balance between strategically placed ambient lighting (general lighting; ceiling fixtures), accent lighting (lighting that draws your attention to something; wall sconces, picture lights, shelf lights) and task lighting (for working, reading, or cooking; floor and table lights, under counter lights). Dimmer switches are a good place to start as they’ll help you set the mood, whilst ‘layering’ your lighting with multiple light sources will help breathe life into each room no matter what the occasion is.

Leading luxury lighting brands to look out for include The Soho Lighting Company, Cox London, David Hunt Lighting, Porta Romana, and Lokuko Lighting.

black bifold door

  • Broken plan living in Beaconsfield & Buckinghamshire

Everyone’s heard of open plan living, but what about broken plan?… Preserving the positives of open-plan interior design, broken plan interiors are ideal for spending more time at home as they create multi-purpose living areas that refuse to compromise on essential light and space. This is achieved by cleverly ‘zoning’ rooms with furniture, floor finishes, semi-permanent partitions – such as bookcases – and more permanent dividers like steel replica bifold doors, modern sliding doors, and illuminating internal windows.

casement window

  • Savvy South London homeowners are reconnecting with nature through biophilic design

Meaning ‘love of nature’, biophilic design is a concept known throughout the built environment that aims to increase a resident’s connectivity to the natural environment. Pre-pandemic, this revitalising trend was already in full flow. So, spending more time at home than ever before has only deepened that innate longing we all have to connect with nature further. Elegant examples of luxury biophilic design include strategically placed house plants, natural materials, naturally inspired artwork and wallpapers, and thriving living walls. Ultraslim aluminium windows and doors are ideal for creating chic biophillic interiors directly, indirectly and via space and place conditions, expertly delivering the sought after ‘more glass, less frame’ look.

  • Japandi influences for modern homes in St Albans & Hertfordshire

japandi style

The Japandi design trend is a beautiful fusion of minimalist and functional Scandinavian stylings alongside the timeless elegance of Japanese interior design. Other than decluttering, essential elements of Japandi that create a peaceful, warming, and elegant environment centre around the use of clean lines, practical minimal furniture and accessories, natural materials and textiles, and neutral calming shades combined with dark natural contrasts. So, the most effective luxury Japandi interiors unite neutral-coloured walls, simple shaped natural wood-toned furniture and flooring, neutral fabrics, statement art pieces, real plants, decorative Japanese prints, and contemporary Nordic wall art.

Welcome the outside in to your Japandi-inspired home with an expansive wall of glass via refined bifold doors or streamlined sliding doors. Dual-colour aluminium entrance doors and window frames also suit Japandi stylings, allowing for a dramatic contrast inside whilst respecting the properties exterior aesthetics.

Space is the new luxury with Nüevo Home glazing specialists

Enhancing far-reaching views like no other, thanks to considerably reduces sightlines, aluminium is the construction material of the moment for luxurious “less is more” home improvements in London, the Home Counties and beyond.

Nüevo Home is dedicated to serving astute homeowners with a plethora of elegant aluminium architectural glazing options, exclusively tailored to Britain’s luxury home market. For pleasing panoramically designed luxury home solutions, create the ultimate luxury look with Nüevo Home.