When it comes to sourcing the best windows or window replacements, aesthetic beauty and robust security go hand in hand within a variety of high-end domestic settings. After all, approximately 816 burglaries are committed each day across the UK, with around 30% of intruders’ breaking in through a window.

So, if you’re in the process of sourcing the most secure aluminium window style, allow us to introduce the innovative tilt and turn window system to you.

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How secure are tilt and turn windows?

Tilt and turn windows are one of the most secure window styles available. This is because they often incorporate ultra-strong hardware and advanced multi-point locking systems as standard to robustly reinforce and prolong the life of the tilt and turn’s specialist dual-purpose opening hardware.

Intelligently tilting inwards, this unique feature allows for a secure opening of around 10cm – enabling effective ventilation that prevents your new tilt and turn window from becoming an opening, whilst simultaneously protecting small children and vulnerable adults from falling out and injuring themselves. The way they turn to completely open inwards not only boasts easy cleaning and outstanding ventilation opportunities, but they also provide an extra defence against the window from being forced or pulled open from the outside. Furthermore, tilt and turn windows provide essential security in the fight against COVID-19 via their ample ventilating possibilities.

Tilt & Turn Window Handle

Recognised by their minimalist, architectural sightlines, our precision engineered Nüminium Tilt and Turn windows are at the cutting edge of enduring security, strength, and performance. Most tilt and turn systems can provide up to 8 locking points, however our leading tilt and turn windows offer advanced security features such as high security concealed handles and hinges and an ultra-secure 14-point locking EVO Security system. Whilst state-of-the-art Euro-Groove concealed sashes, with a seen surface of just 66mm from the outside, coupled with convenient concealed vent options allow for unobstructed views and clearer openings.

What is the most secure tilt and turn window material?

Incredibly robust yet much easier to shape than steel, aluminium’s lightweight and corrosion-resistant properties make it an ideal window material in both commercial and residential settings. Aluminium windows are unmatched in the way that they achieve the maximum glazing surface whilst retaining outstanding security and strength. Savvy homeowners choose aluminium tilt and turn window frames over timber and uPVC tilt and turn windows for the simple fact that these two lesser window materials can be damaged under excessive force.

Manufacturing the highest quality aluminium tilt and turn windows in-house gives us a competitive ‘edge’ when it comes to delivering quality, slim yet strong aluminium home improvement products to discerning residences throughout London and the Home Counties.

Tilt and turn windows vs casement – Are tilt and turn windows more expensive?

Due to its complex hinge and locking system, aluminium tilt and turn windows work out slightly more expensive than aluminium casement windows. Adding notable value and kerb appeal to a variety of settings, aluminium tilt and turn windows are particularly popular within luxury high rise developments and other locations where exterior access is limited.

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What blinds are best for tilt and turn windows?

Effective window coverings play a crucial role in preventing intruders from peering into your home to see what’s worth taking. Unlike standard window designs, most blinds and curtains are unsuitable for tilt and turn windows. Other than integrated blinds – which are sealed between the panes of glass – the best blinds for tilt and turn windows include fully adjustable bottom-up and top-down blinds. Operated on a chain mechanism, blinds like this will not obstruct or inhibit the tilt and turn window’s movement. Roller blinds and Roman blinds can also be considered, although you will need to carefully analyse how these can be effectively mounted without damaging or inhibiting the window’s smooth operational qualities.

Luxury window security | How can I make my windows more secure?

Indulging a diverse range of sumptuous properties and lavish lifestyles, our attractive aluminium tilt and turn windows are designed with the utmost security and style in mind. Contact us today and find out why discerning South East residences are turning to prestigious NÜEVO HOME tilt and turn window installations to thoroughly secure their homes for the foreseeable future.

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